MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Your imagination makes you believe that's easy

At the beginning of a new project, I think it is in human DNA to believe that things are much more straightforward than they appear. It is an energy boost to go headlong into unknown territory. It makes you assume that the key of the universe is in your hands.

These days I have been toying with the idea of artificial intelligence and how could we create something much more intelligent than us. Is it really possible to create something that our thinking cannot comprehend?

Thinking more profound about this, I asked myself questions like how could AI have imagination, how could AI understand the meaning behind human language, or how could AI teach itself new stuff. And I fell into the trap of thinking that I could do it and is very easy.

The brightest people on earth thought of this in the past 70 years and developed mathematical models and software, but they didn't come very close to the pure artificial intelligence form. I've felt that I could do it. And that's wrong. It's stupid when some people come and tells you why you don't do it. It's easy. But when you ask them specifics, they don't know. They just imagine things.