MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

I work better under pressure

Being a CNC programmer and supervisor for six years, I have observed that I work better under pressure and when all the tasks need to be done right away. That is the moment when the flow state kicks in and gets the best out of me. The perfect day for me. Tired but feeling fulfilled that I have done my part.

I get bored when there are no urgent things to be done. Keeping a to-do list keeps me in check. That helps me to be focused at work and not feel useless at the end of the day.

My boss does not interfere with my work as long as production runs smoothly, and the hardest thing to do is to be your own boss. This sounds crazy, but when someone else gives you the tasks, you know for sure what you have to do. When you have the power to choose what needs to be done, you are a lazy bastard.