MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Why are we reading books?

After this article, I’ll sleep on the couch or outside with the dog, but I’ll say it. And I need your opinion on this. You’re my saviour.

Last night, I had a chat with my girlfriend about books and what to read. She loves to read romance. I mean, like 200 books/year. Just romance.

On the other side of the bed, the logical and realistic brain in our relationship, i.e. me, I like to read more nonfiction books. My argument is that reading is to acquire knowledge. I read 1-2 books of fiction per year from a total of 10-15 books, but I’m more interested in the story, how the characters develop and what I can learn from their behaviour.

According to her, it matters more how the book is written, the author’s craft, writing style - things like that. The message of the story and what you can learn from it comes second.

Last year I tried to convince her to read something else. To put aside romance for a nonfiction book on some subject which interest her, but without luck. She said that reading romance makes her happy. A way of letting everything aside and having a moment with herself.

And she is right, reading can be about this also. But when you read 200 books in one year, just 2% of it needs to be about something else. Her argument here is that it counts the book she learns for medical school. (I am not sure that counts, but different opinion).

Also, I promised her that I would not insist anymore on it.

The End.