MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Terrified about getting married

A few days ago, driving home, one coworker told us that getting married scares him. What amused us was that he is terrified of it because his wife will have full access to his car and that he will be forced to clean up the house and not play video games. After getting married, he will not have a way out of it. Now he has the power to break up without complications.

He needs a girlfriend/wife to have someone to come home to and not to feel alone. But also wants the freedom of a single guy.

What he doesn't see into it is that after 9 years of relationship and living together for about 1-2 years, being married is just a mere word. Nothing really will change after it. And if things will change so drastically, don't get married! You're making a mistake.

Some of us try to understand what true love is. If it really exists in a long-life relationship, or it's more about how to learn to coexist and grow together.

What about you? Are you married, or are you afraid of it?