MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Staticman comments

Starting today, has support for comments.

This blog is generated with Hugo and deployed on Amazon CloudFront. Because it's a static blog, implementing a dynamic comment system is quite tricky. Options are quite a lot (check Derek's article on this topic).

I wanted something that respects your privacy in the first place, doesn't require a backend server and gives me the possibility to store the data. I don't want after a few years all my comments to be deleted because someone had a bad day.

So, the final decision goes in Staticman's favour.

Staticman is an API that runs on Heroku (for me), receives all the data from the comment form and then pushes it to a GitHub repository. That repository, mkozaq-comments, it's a Hugo module that, at the build time, is inserted directly into the page.

What it means is that all the articles, pages and comments from this blog are just static content that can be delivered by any type of CDN.

The downside part is that, with every comment, I need to build the whole blog and deploy it on Amazon CloudFront. So there will be a little bit of delay until your comment is displayed on the page.