MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

The rebirth of a new Europe

From my last post, so many things have happened. Putin started a fucking war with Ukraine.

I'm not a war expert, and I won't try to explain his motives, but the courage of the common people and how they are trying to stop the Russian army with their bare hands is very touching. I am not sure if we realise it, but these are times when no country will prosper by itself.

Also, even if Ukraine is at war right now, and it sounds strange, as a country, investing too much in the army is a waste of money. There always will be a bigger one who will try to conquer you. Instead, use that money for developing other sectors which improve the quality of life and adhere to a bigger community: NATO and UE in this case.

Michael McFaul said it right; It's the rebirth of a new Europe. We are watching in real-time some historical events.

All that we can do now is try to help in one way or another. Use the internet to inform the common people of Russia of what their leader is doing in Ukraine. Crying on the internet about how unfair it is will not help anyone.