MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Memories with my(our) first mobile phone

Some memories stay with us for our entire lives. One of these memories, back from when I was just a kid, is when my father brought home our first mobile phone. It was a Motorola, tiny but my god, the most astonishing thing.

My father arrived home late in the evening. We just opened the box very carefully, took a look at it and put it back in the box. We didn’t know how to use it right then. But my excitement didn’t let me sleep that night. Without waking up my family, I got out of bed and picked up the phone, turned it on, stared at the screen in amazement for a few minutes and put it back in the box.

The next day, the priest from our village came to teach us how to use it. We kept the phone hanged up to the wall because the mobile signal was weak in our area. When someone called us, we just answered, stick our heads to the phone and wall so we could hear without disturbing the signal.

Motorola mobile phone