MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Math Books

Today, work-related, I needed to use trigonometry functions and, after 10 years after high school, I've realised that some simple math concepts are strange things for me.

This post is more of a reminder for me. Here are a few good math books which I intend to go through.

1. The Wonder Book of Geometry: A Mathematical Story by David Acheson
2. The Weird Math series by David Darling and Agnijo Banerjee
3. Beyond Infinity by Eugenia Cheng
4. The Weil Conjectures
5. The Calculus Lifesaver
6. Contemporary Abstract Algebra by Joseph Gallian
7. Linear algebra done right byy Sheldon Axler
8. The Four Pillars of Geometry by John Stillwell
9. Numb and Number by William Hartston
10. Elementary number theory Gareth A. Jones and Josephine M. Jones
11. Combinatorics and Graph Theory (2nd edition)
12. Differential Equations and Their Applications by Martin Braun
13. Introduction to Coding and Information Theory by Steve Roman 
14. An Introduction To Probability Theory and Its Applications by Willian Feller
15. Principles of Mathematical Analysis, 3rd Edition: By Walter Rudin
16. Mathematical Methods by Sadri Hassani
17. Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis: By George F. Simmons
18. Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L. Boas
19. The Princeton Companion to Mathematics: By June Barrow-Green, Timothy Gowers, and Imre Leader
20. Categories for the Working Mathematician by Saunders Mac Lane

List credit: thePiggsBoson