MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Let an idea rest overnight

How chicken marinates overnight, do the same with your ideas and projects. Write it down and throw into it everything you've got. Let it rest until tomorrow or for a few days.

Forget about it.

When the time comes, take it out, and you will discover two things: you'll love it, or you'll completely hate it. Either way, follow your gut.

The name of this blog has changed a few times this year. I started with one idea and loved it. But in the end, it wasn't so great. I was too enthusiastic about buying the domain and didn't bother to check the name on Google. False alarm. The name was the same as a well-known restaurant from Brasil. It wasn't about me anymore.

So, I bought a second domain with my name in it. In this way making sure that now it represents me. But no, it doesn't feel right. It's me in it, but at the same time, it isn't about me.

For the third time, I think I've found something that represents me. I'll let it in the fridge to marinate. Now I hope it's with luck, and writing here feels home.