MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Facebook, I hate you. Your help page sucks

My account was disabled on the basis that it was hacked. Even if I’ve tried all the steps from your help page, I couldn’t recover it.

Your submitting web forms doesn’t work how it is supposed to. Trying to login into my account, you inform me that I need to send you my ID for verification. I do that, and I get the error to login into my account for more info. How am I supposed to login into my account if you didn’t let me in the first place?

Now, 30 days have been passed since the first incident, and you say that my account is disabled definitively. What should I do? Your help system sucks. Also, because I’m not from the US, contacting one of your operators is impossible.

Trying to find a solution on your help page is like chasing my own tail.