MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

How to compete with a fictional character?

I told you before that my girlfriend reads like 200 romance books per year. And that's ok. I have my own hobbies, and you have yours.

The thing gets tricky when she comes at me, pissed off that the man from her books was so sweet and it's doing so many things. He is a billionaire, goes to the gym two times a day, rules the world, and even so, he can take care of his girl and remembers everything she says to him.

Me, instead. I'm just an ordinary man who likes her and engineering. I do try to pay attention to remember most of what she says, but god, women talk so much. The problem is not the volume of information but the fact that all the talk is like a draft document, and you have to summarise everything in your head in real-time to make any sense. If you don't do that, she will say that you didn't pay attention, and that's why you didn't have a dialogue with her. Not because your brain is overheating trying to process the information.

And she will not come to you with the thinking: look what I've read, and I want us to try it. No, she will blame you because you didn't think of what she read in a romance book.

You don't compete just with one fictional character, but with all of them together as one person. From all the books, she will create the ideal man for her. That's my competition.

Even if she can be very logical, she will think the same before realising it.

Anyway, I'll get a blanket now and sleep on the couch.