MKOZAQ Engineer's Log

Artificial intelligence. Thoughts

AI = Artificial intelligence

We, humans, tend to control every little aspect of our life. What if, creating a super-intelligent AI, all we need to do is build the ground for it and let it grow up by itself using the same principles of evolution. We just need to find ways of increasing it exponentially.

Because in our intelligent way, we are more slow thinking than a machine, how much time will be necessary for it to evolve into something super-intelligent, or at least to have some understanding as a child, as an animal, as some life form. To have that “soul” to protect itself from predators.

Our minds are always thinking, inventing things, imagining things. What is the algorithm for it? How can we put this in simple math, in some code that lets the machines imagine things? For them to be curious in discovering new ways of doing things and learn from them.

What if, in creating AI, not the lack of technology stops us, but our lack of understanding of how intelligence works. We try to clone our brain and discover every little detail about it and how it works, hoping that the hidden secrets of intelligence will reveal themselves to us. But what makes us intelligent. What makes us, us?

Our brain is using many ways to come to answers. Some of us are more practical, spiritual or technical, but all of us have something in common, and that’s fear, curiosity, love? What do all of us have in common, and what makes us intelligent? Is that the ability to communicate? To speak and think abstract?

One thing is a little bit strange. If we are so different and intelligent, how comes that what I’m thinking right now is not something new entirely. I’m sure that you thought about it too. Not with these words, not with the same logic, not in the same order. But these ideas are not new in the world.

Let us assume that we can create AI, but it lacks communication skills. What if the lack of communication makes us blind in seeing that what we created is more intelligent than us. Is not it the first thing that needs to be incorporated in AI?